Welcome to The ACC

As our name implies, we are traditionally catholic in our liturgy and doctrine. Our liturgy is the 1954 Book of Common Prayer and its authorised derivatives. Our doctrines are those of the undivided Catholic Church, as determined by the ancient Ecumenical Councils. We do nothing new, nor do we claim any right to change the fundamental beliefs and practices of Anglicanism.  These basic principles are set out in the Affirmation of St. Louis 1977, a copy of which can be had on application.  For more detail, go to link with A.C.C. Original Province.

We are part of the Anglican Catholic Communion, a world-wide Communion, independent of Canterbury. The Most Rev. Mark Haverland is our Archbishop and Metropolitan.  The Rt. Rev. Alan Kenyon-Hoare is our Assistant Bishop.

The Anglican Catholic Church in Southern Africa began some years ago at Polokwane in the Limpopo Province and now has parishes scattered around South Africa. Find your nearest parish here. You are sure to receive a warm welcome whenever you visit one of our parishes.

The Parish of the Holy Paraclete joined the A.C.C. on 24th November, 2004, having previously been part of the Traditional Anglican Communion. We have not had to change any of our beliefs or the way in which services are conducted.